Has Your Furnace Been Red Tagged?


Red Tagged Furnace

What you need to understand if your furnace has been Red Tagged.

If your furnace has been Red Tagged, your furnace may be shut off indefinitely until it is replaced (Red Tag A Plan) depending on the severity of the condition. Red Tags are also issued for non-immediate hazards and again, depending on the condition(s), the technician will set a pre-determined time frame to a maximum of 45 days for you to have problems repaired (Red Tag B Plan).

If your furnace has been shut off, it is important to have the technician show you exactly where the Red Tag issues are located. i.e. If you have a cracked heat exchanger, have the technician show you where the crack is located. It’s a great idea to get a second opinion to confirm that the listed issues of the ‘Red Tag’ are warranted.

If it has been determined that your furnace has to be replaced; then get  3 quotes. Get a written quote and contract before getting the work done. You do not have to get your furnace replaced by the company that red tagged your unit. Some heating companies in Ottawa pay their technicians a commission if they ‘up-sell’ a furnace. The Sales rep also works on commission to sell you the furnace.  So in the end, any attending heating company should show you proof of the Red Tag issues so that you have a full understanding of the issues at hand, thus enabling you to make the educated decision.

Any company you deal with must have a TSSA license, and the TSSA Registration #. Ask to see it first before going ahead with any work. You can call TSSA directly with the license number(s) if you want to confirm. As well, you should only deal with companies that are fully insured.

Many of the 2 stage high-efficiency furnaces available (from well-known companies) are virtually the same. You want a company you can trust and will take the time to explain the process properly before installing your furnace.  Most furnaces should last well over 15 years if you change your filter every 3 months and have it maintained regularly.

We hope this helps with any questions regarding Red Tags. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions.  613-510-1350 info@mckieran.com