What is the right Natural Gas Fireplace to buy?

Different Types of Fireplaces:

Sometimes your dream of having a natural gas fireplace depends on the configuration of your home. We must determine what application to use in order to ‘vent’ the fireplace, i.e. your existing masonry chimney, a direct vent through your wall or if you are installing a freestanding fireplace through your roof.


If you have an existing wood fireplace then it might be possible to install what’s called an insert into the fireplace opening.  Inserts have a glass front and metal housing and ceramic logs that look like real wood.  The existing brick chimney is used as a passage for the new chimney liner and vent.  Most inserts are natural draft however some direct vent inserts are available.  If you install a direct vent then your existing chimney will be ‘capped’


A freestanding fireplace are a self-contained unit  and many different styles are offered.  This might be a great solution for your basement or new addition to your home.  You can vent a free-standing fireplace through your existing chimney or through the roof.  This unit can also be vented through the wall.

Zero Clearance

Also known as direct vent these fireplaces can be installed almost anywhere.  Direct vent means that no space is required between the fireplace and the wall or other combustibles.  You do not require a chimney, you do need to find a location that is suitable for the outside vent.  For example if you have a deck right outside where you want to put your fireplace this will most likely not be the best location.  Direct vent fireplaces are more expensive than the inserts by about 20%.

Good to Know

Any natural gas fireplace sold in Canada are certified to an approved CSA safety standard.  Canada requires that the natural gas fireplace but have a safety shut off if a loss of flame occurs, this will prevent any risk of carbon monoxide releasing. As of January 2015 all new fireplaces must now include a safety screen to reduce the risk of burns.

We can install any make or model you choose.  Pricing varies greatly when dealing with fireplaces because of the size, style, direct vent or chimney liner. Give us a call for a free quote anytime: 613-203-1506