BBQ Connections

Natural gas barbecues make year-round grilling a breeze. No more heavy tanks to lug back and forth and no worries about running out of fuel.

A natural gas BBQ can be connected to your home’s natural gas supply line. Your BBQ should come equipped with the quick-connect fitting and a long flexible hose that allows you to move your barbecue up to 10 feet from the point of connection. Quick-connect outlets are safe, easy to use and won’t let you operate the gas grill until you’ve connected your barbecue correctly.

The cost to install your barbecue line depends on how far your barbecue will be from your natural gas supply line. Other factors involved; the size of your supply line, is it large enough to handle the additional BTUH load, is the gas piping going to be a ‘straight run’ to your BBQ or does it have to take several turns go through decking, exterior walls etc.

Note: If you have an existing propane BBQ it may not be able to be converted to natural gas, this means you will have to buy a new natural gas BBQ to connect to your supply line.