Natural Gas Pool Heaters

Natural gas pool heaters let you extend your season from early spring to late fall. They heat the water much faster than electric. Using an automatic thermostat keeps your pool at a consistent temperature and only heats the water when required. Always use a pool cover at night to help seal in the heat.

It’s important to get the proper size for your pool. It could cost additional money if the heater is too small for your pool.

We can install a heater for your above ground pool or in-ground. Give us a call for a free quote and get ready for some relaxing warm swims!

With a new pool heater everyone might want the water warm 24/7, after a few weeks when your Enbridge bill arrives you might be in for a shock! We highly recommend you keep track of your usage by taking meter readings every few days, then you can track your real time usage and adjust accordingly.

Installing pool heaters in: Orleans, Kanata, Ottawa & Calabogie.